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Poster for the movie Narración Delegada

First of all Happy New 2012 to all of you!

And now for the purpose of this post. Today I felt like being a little bit more productive than I have been during this Christmas break (it’s called “break” for a reason, right?) and I saw that my friend Andoni Garrido had posted on his Facebook timeline a link to the poster of his upcoming movie Narración Delegada.

Since I know that he used MS Paint to do the original poster I took it upon myself to do something with it. Without any raw materials, pictures or anything. I simply took the old poster and spiced it up a little bit.

Narración Delegada

Not much of an improvement, but at least it’s something that I know he’ll like to use around to promote his quirky, special effects-filled movie.

As for those wondering what this movie is about, first of all please mind that it’s in Spanish (though if Andoni asks I won’t mind making the subtitles in English myself).

And second, this is quite an ingenious little story in which the protagonists start to notice that their lives are being narrated by someone else.

As the tagline suggests: “How would you escape from your own narration?”

Expect to see this short movie soon enough both on his blog and on my website. Andoni says it should be ready to go in about a month. And after seeing some of the clips for the special effects tests I can’t wait!

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Cortometraje de “No es País para Zombies” por Andoni Garrido


Once upon a time I, and only me alone, created a short movie called….

Uhh… Ok, I’ll admit this one is not my short movie even though had I still been in Pamplona I would have died to give as much of a helping hand in it as possible.

This is “No es País para Zombies” (No Country for Zombies), my friend Andoni’s latest work and what I think will be for quite some time his best project to beat for himself.

While I wasn’t in Pamplona to help him do it, unlike with the movie Conspiración Roswell, I was still able to help a little bit with a few things even from Copenhagen.

So what is this about? I’d rather not tell so you can watch it right here Open-mouthed smile. Enjoy!


A picture is worth a thousand words – FCOM video


I might already be out of the University of Navarra, where I took my audiovisual media studies for my bachelor’s degree, but one thing is certain: I’m still fond of it.

Which is why I love so much watching the many videos the Communication School releases on special occasions. If you remember watching the Lipdub from last year then this is pretty much its spiritual successor.

A fun video to watch that makes its point clear. Especially entertaining if you recognize the faces, of course. Even more when it includes teachers who have taught you in it.

I might study in Copenhagen now, but I still love the FCom, and it’s things like this that make me proud of where I started my studies. Watch the video below!



Short movie – ”Los flautistas del Soho”


It’s really nice to see old friends carrying on their own personal projects, so I felt I had to give my compliments to Andoni Garrido for the production of his second short movie (his first one being Conspiración Roswell, in which I participated), called “Los flautistas del Soho” (“The Flute Players of Soho” in English).

Produced, directed and written all by himself, Andoni has managed to create a very interesting film in which Luis, a psychologist in Pamplona, will try to figure out why students are starting to act like plants.

You can watch the movie below or read the blog entry about it in Andoni’s blog. Full cast and crew after the video.


Directed and produced by
Andoni Garrido

Edited by
Santiago González-Barros

Antonio López
Raquel Arilla
Pablo Quintana
Pablo Vega
Sandra Akerreta

Ignacio Susperregui
Rodrigo Pout
Espe Rodés
Carlos Larroy
Alex G. Garaizar
Iraia Hermosilla
Santiago González-Barros
Andoni Garrido

Special thanks
Nazareth Bernhardt
David Arilla

Written by
Andoni Garrido

Based on a story by
Philip K. Dick

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Vive como quieras – El señor Kolenkov


20070518-IJ8L181518 de mayo del 2007, Pamplona, Navarra. El mismo día de mi cumpleaños aquel año coincidía con el estreno de la obra de teatro “Vive como quieras” en el salón de actos del Colegio Mayor Larraona.

Dirigida por Pedro Soler (que también hacía el papel del abuelo) la función quedó perfecta.

Pero uno de los momentos estrella de la obra fue cuando el señor Kolenkov, profesor ruso de ballet, tiene una escena con el señor Kirby (padre del señor Kirby Jr., papel que representaba yo como se puede ver en la foto de arriba con… mucho más pelo).

He querido publicar la obra de teatro entera, pero por diversos motivos todavía no podrá ser. Por el momento os dejo con la escena ya mencionada: el señor Kirby y el señor Kolenkov.

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Vuelo 983 con destino a México


Llega un poco tarde, pero con la misma fuerza que el día de su emisión.

Se trata de Vuelo 983, el programa de viajes que emitimos en directo el 23 de abril de 2010, día de la 98.3 Radio. En este programa (del que podéis ver también los making of) hablamos sobre México: su música, su comida, su cultura, personajes famosos… y también entrevistamos a Marcelino Cobarrubias, estudiante mexicano en la Universidad de Navarra.

Podéis escuchar el programa completo a través de este reproductor: