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Cortometraje de “No es País para Zombies” por Andoni Garrido


Once upon a time I, and only me alone, created a short movie called….

Uhh… Ok, I’ll admit this one is not my short movie even though had I still been in Pamplona I would have died to give as much of a helping hand in it as possible.

This is “No es País para Zombies” (No Country for Zombies), my friend Andoni’s latest work and what I think will be for quite some time his best project to beat for himself.

While I wasn’t in Pamplona to help him do it, unlike with the movie Conspiración Roswell, I was still able to help a little bit with a few things even from Copenhagen.

So what is this about? I’d rather not tell so you can watch it right here Open-mouthed smile. Enjoy!