ITU Copenhagen Videogames

Virtual ITU – my first short augmented reality game


When our teacher Miguel Sicart asked all of our Game Design class to code each one of us our own videogame you could hear a general feeling of fright creeping into many of us.

Sure, we’re a game design class. We are meant to know at the very least the most simple basics of game programming. But then again a lot of us come from academic areas in which all we know about programming is that you have to type. A lot.

Now, taking all this into context and knowing that I had a month to A) Learn some very basics about programming, B) Learn how to use Adobe Flash CS5 (the language to use was optional) and C) Actually make the game, you will understand that my game is something incredibly small and, in my case, with little interactivity.

Instead I opted to make a game with a different kind of experience: you actually have to move around the IT University of Copenhagen physically in order to complete it.

For those of you who saw it back in May, you can think of Virtual ITU as the successor of my previous web-based game Código Pamplonix, with a much smaller scope but more interactivity.

In any case if you happen to be at the ITU right now you can give this game a try and provide some feedback.