Mr. Optimistic Dev Diary – Testing, testing, testing…


So what you see here is not yet a game. It’s a prototype.

Heck, even the graphics are not the ones to be used for the final game (except for the cacti and the thumbs-up “confidence” system).

This are the extremely early days of our group game Mr. Optimistic while we test to see if the physics system works.

CactusSo what exactly is going on here? Pretty simple, the main character (right Mailboxnow it’s the black silhouette placeholder) keeps moving forward at its own pace, no matter what. The player needs to clear his path by solving puzzles and interacting with the environment. You can see how those cacti are in the way, but you can easily pick them up with the mouse and throw them away. Otherwise Mr. Optimistic will lose confidence (as shown by the thumbs-up).

It might seem easy at first, just having to pick up items and throw them away. But soon you’ll encounter levels with puzzles to solve, dogs chasing Mr. Optimistic and other non-harmful items in 7 differently themed levels.

Oh, and the game will be playable from the web, no download required!

When will this be available? On December 15th to be precise.

We still have A LOT of work ahead, but I’ll keep updating from time to time here as some sort of developer diary.

Again, don’t forget that we are learning and that out of the four people that make our group only one of us is a programmer. Oh, and that this is just a class project among other class projects!