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Don’t feed the squirrel! (Random blog post)

Sometimes random memories come back to my mind.

Today this funny (although worrying at first) situation passed through it.

I was in California with a group of Austrian students, on a trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

On our way to Santa Cruz we happened to find this spot to watch the sea lions, so we got out of the car… and we also saw some really cute squirrels!

Not the usual type of tree squirrel, but rather this kind that makes its home underground.

In any case, Peter, one of the Austrians, thought it would be fun to approach one of those. And so he did, he picked up a nut from the ground and went close to one:


And he got closer….


And then the squirrel decided that his finger might be tastier:


Soon after we found the following sign. Wasn’t that ironic?


Aaah… the cute little squirrels of California Smile