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What’s cooking at ITU?

ITU Games 2011

Now that our Game Development projects are all finished (or at least their first versions) I thought it would be interesting to post the trailers of all the games that have been developed by the students at the IT University of Copenhagen.

You’ve already seen the R.E.D. trailer, now here are the rest!

Fallen Sky, by Geeky Games

Chick Guevara – The Great Escape, by Rabid Baboon

Arcane Arena, by Arcane Arena

Octave, by Composerology

O.A.T.A. – One Ant Tactical Army, by KillahBeez

Jaques Robeau: The true story of a robot lost at sea, by OFP

Imp and I, Escape from Hell, by StereoNoid

The Cosmos Seris pt. IV: Astro Pirates