ITU Copenhagen Now Playing Videogames

The Date – A new game from ITU about…


I mentioned already a few months ago that I wanted to use this blog to showcase some of the games created at my university, but so far I hadn’t posted any other than my own (even though I’ve been meaning to post one called Badass Monster forever).

So here is the first game

Well, to tell the truth it’s better if I don’t tell what this game is about.

It’s just enough to say that you play as Mark as he goes through 2 days of his life preparing for a date with a hot chick.

It’s a game created for the Persuasive and Serious Games course at the IT University of Copenhagen, as part of the Media Technology and Games master’s degree. So expect something more than just the typical “beat the game”.

Anyway, it’s better if I just let you to it, so why don’t you give the game a try?

Launch The Date


Jacob Rindom Bertelsen

Ciro Bonfrate

Jesper Saugberg Koch

Han Nguyen