The biggest Super Mario tribute you could haver ever thought of


I think that everyone who’s met me already knows that I’m not a just a Super Mario fan.

No sir. I’m crazy about everything Mario. Yesterday during my User Experience & Prototyping class at the IT University of Copenhagen my classmate Sander Larsen drew a rough sketch of the first level in Super Mario 64 and I could instantly recognize it and be able to tell which parts weren’t exactly the same. That’s how biased I am when I talk about Mario. I simply know its history by heart.

And I’ve got every reason to be crazy about it. Mario has been for many, many years a symbol of gaming. A cultural phenomenon. And it always brings with the iconic character a seal of guaranteed fun.

Because, let’s be frank, if you can play a Mario game and claim that you didn’t like it, then there’s a big, huge chance that you’re not playing a real Mario game, and instead something taken from some flash mini-games website.

So when I stumbled upon this video celebrating 30 years of Mario (ok, the dates are quite unclear, since last year it was the 25th anniversary of the first Super Mario Bros. game, and now this seems to take into account the first game starring Mario, back then called Jumpman in Donkey Kong), I knew I had to post about it.

It’s long. Crazy long. But if you enjoy the Mario tunes (I know I do, I keep playing them on the piano whenever I have the chance), then this video will be an incredible journey through its history. It includes everything from the first Super Mario Bros. to the latest Super Mario Galaxy 2, going through even his Gameboy Super Mario Land series and also spin-offs like Mario Kart or Dr. Mario. All in an incredibly detailed music video.

I’m sure that if you’ve read this far down you probably want to watch it in its entirety. So without further delay, here is this 30th anniversary Super Mario tribute video: