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The amazing story of a weird UPS package

Well… this is…. unexpected. And crazy. I’m utterly confused.

Let me explain this weird story in this entry. And please, read all of it to get the full effect.

A couple of days ago I received a small card from UPS in my mailbox. A letter that was, of course, in Danish (you can’t imagine how tired I get of this Danish mail). Good thing my friend (and Mr. Optimistic programmer) Casper was around to translate the letter for me.


Put simply, they had tried to deliver a package for me, but I wasn’t at home when they brought it and they needed me to sign the delivery form (mind the statement in bold). It asked me to phone them to schedule a new delivery.

My first reaction was of surprise. I wasn’t expecting any packages at all. Even more weird, who the heck knew my address in Denmark? I mean, I moved here not too long ago and it’s not like I have been giving out my home address away!

And so I phoned UPS Denmark. The guy who picked up took over 5 minutes to understand that I simply wanted to receive my package. He said it could be delivered the next day, but he couldn’t tell me an approximate time at all. Only that the package might arrive between 9 am and 7 pm. Great. So I would have to stay at home until they came to my house, not being able to go to university (then again I only had to polish some individual projects and I could do that at home).

Well, today I have been waiting for the package to arrive. So when at 2:30 pm I still hadn’t got anything, I decided to go to the UPS website and input the tracking number that came in the letter.

A couple of new surprises here:

1. The package was coming from the US (again, how the heck did anyone in the US get my mail address?)

2. The package was marked as…. ALREADY DELIVERED!

Alright, this is it. I’ve been waiting all morning for a package to arrive, only to find out that it has already been delivered to someone else? So if my signature was needed… how the heck did anyone else receive it?

I phoned UPS again. Gave them the tracking number. And the woman on the phone said… that it had been delivered to one of my neighbors.

Perfect. Just perfect. I started to knock on everyone’s doors around my building, looking like a fool asking for a package they had no idea about.

Until finally the girl living in front of my apartment told me she had it.

Please UPS, how can you deliver a package and give it to the wrong door! I mean, there’s only two doors per floor. Didn’t you even try to check if the name on the door was the right one?

Anyway, let’s check the package. I was all excited now with all it was taking me to get this unknown mystery package!


Here we go. The package is here. Doesn’t say who it is from in the box, it’s all neatly kept hidden under 7 layers of plastic. I don’t care right now. I just want to get the contents once and for all.

Trying to open it… What will there be inside? I swear, these packages are harder to open than a safe box! Almost cut myself with the scissors!

Here it is… I touch something soft inside. I grab and pull it out and I see…..

A t-shirt.

A grey, plain t-shirt. Nothing in the back, nothing in the front. Just that. One L-sized t-shirt (too big for me too!).


Okay… this has to be a joke. All this… FOR A T-SHIRT? And who the heck is sending me a t-shirt all the way from the United States?

Once again I return to the package and I try to tear out the 7 layers of plastic, trying to pull out the letter in which, I hope, it explains all this craziness.

And guess what? It got even more weird. Look at it yourself.



Microsoft is sending me a plan grey oversized t-shirt all the way from the United States. In a package. Really?

More surprising even, the letter says that the item is to be sent to Anchel Labena…. in Texas!

Then I look at the item order on the bottom. “Bing gray V neck T-Shirt” it reads.

Bing? Really?

I immediately go back to the t-shirt and yes, effectively there it is, the Bing logo on the bottom.


I seriously want to bump my head against something hard. Something that tells me that this is just my imagination going wild.

Why Microsoft? Please, explain to me in some way or another why I am receiving a t-shirt too big for me all of a sudden, with no previous notice.

And how the heck did this t-shirt find its way all over from the US to Copenhagen? Especially when the letter inside says it was sent to Texas!

I mean, don’t take me wrong. Thank you Microsoft for sending me a free t-shirt.

But can you please give me an explanation for this?

I am baffled.