ITU Copenhagen Nordic Game Jam Videogames

BLANK – Our Nordic Game Jam 2012 game in progress


I’m not going to explain a lot in this post because right now we’re quite short on time, but I just wanted to update my blog by letting you all know a little bit about the game we are working.

As I’ve already written in the Global Game Jam website, [BLANK] is a videogame about uncertainty. You wake up in a strange environment, unable to see properly and with no recollection of how you got there. Players will have to explore this environment to slowly recollect the memories of the events that took him there in the first place.

But how does one explore things when he cannot see?

The game is (still!) being made by Team Flying Noses (a pun on the early beginnings of our group), which is formed by Daryl Hornsby (UK), Kayode Shonibare-Lewis (UK), Micael Svensson (Sweden), Nicolai Brobak (Denmark), Patrick Dekhla (Sweden) and me, Anchel Labena.


From left to right: Patrick, Micael, Daryl, Anchel, Nicolai and Kayode

And finally, a teaser picture of our game!


Again, don’t forget to follow the awesome #NGJ12 Twitter Team for live updates of everything going on. I assume that the Twitter stream will probably spring back to fast action as soon as the game presentations begin Winking smile.

ITU Copenhagen Nordic Game Jam Videogames

Are you following us for #NGJ12 yet?

Alright people! The real deal is starting now! Main keynote of the #NGJ12 starts now!

In case you hadn’t noticed yet, the Nordic Game Jam 2012 has just started!

Among a small group of people we’re tweeting about every single thing that is going on over here at the IT University of Copenhagen, like the awesome indie games being showcased by some big indie names and Manveer Heir, Senior Designer of Mass Effect 3, giving the intro keynote for the game jam, which is part of the international Global Game Jam 2012.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow everything that is going on here by searching for the Twitter hashtag #NGJ12 and listen to everything the following people are saying:

And, of course, me, Anchel Labena (@Anchelspain)