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And here’s the third developer diary of betaDwarf! Now with 300% more crunch!

Poor Kristian Klie, he thought he could escape me and my camera and survive in betaDwarf without having a major role in one of the developer diary series I’m doing for them. Last time he had a class to assist in as a TA, but this time he just couldn’t run away. I made him host the third episode and get viewers to know a little bit more about the way people work here.

Programming, designers insisting on programmers, programmers taking a break, programmers talking about cabbages with musicians… (ok, that one is NOT in the video, but I can assure you that it happened!).

Oh! And did I say musician? Yes indeed! Special thanks go to Fredrik Häthén for providing a very amusing monologue about music. And coffee. And Totoro… And well, countless other things that just didn’t make the cut for this video but might pop up some other day.

But of course also to the entire betaDwarf team! Weren’t it for the craziness that you all provide, these videos wouldn’t be the same!

So here’s the latest video! Please share it, tweet it, like it, comment on it or anything that comes up to your mind!

Oh, and as an extra, here’s a company picture! (In which the photographer had to be photoshopped in…)