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Rebecca Black’s “Friday” or “How Internet fame is unbelievably stupid”


Have you ever heard of Rebecca Black? How about the music video “Friday”?

No? You haven’t?

Don’t worry. You haven’t missed much, other than the fact that the Internet can sometimes become a craziness of instant fame. And not always in a good way.

This is the tale of Rebecca Black, a girl who was inspired by teen pop sensation (with an equal amount of both fans and haters) Justin Bieber. She is quite a good singer, has a nice voice (as you will be able to see later on in the last video), but she ended up recording one of the most hilariously awful music videos ever.

Don’t believe me? Watch below!

Rebecca Black’s “Friday” original music video:


Gotta make my mind which seat I can take”? "Today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes after"? I mean, I’ve heard some really pointless teen song lyrics, but that doesn’t make the fact that this is laughably bad any further from the truth.

Somehow that video went viral. It spread around the web like wildfire. And it also received a lot of extremely negative reactions.

And with negative reaction comes the parodies. Parodies like this one:

Aaaahhh…. the magic of the Internet! You see, Rebecca Black’s original video is, as of this writing, almost 40 million views! In only one month! Talk about instant fame!

The girl seems to be taking it quite well though. Look at her on ABC news! And yes, she sings without any sort of vocal enhancements this time, and she actually sings quite well.

Watch ABC’s Good Morning America video here (embedding is disabled for ABC videos)

Too bad that her reputation is probably now down forever… But at least you got extremely rich in the process! (She sells her single on iTunes).