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Press & Move – A playable version of the XKCD comic Click & Drag

If you remember the cool XKCD comic strip “Click & Drag” where you could view a huge, never-ending panel full of tiny surprises all around the place, then you’ll probably love this playable version that the wonderful people of Kajakklubben in Copenhagen have pulled off.

Basically they have made it into a nice exploration game where you’ll keep getting surprised by the small details that have been added everywhere. I recommend you give it a look and I applaud Kajakklubben for the awesome idea!

Click here to start exploring now!

Oh, and one more thing! You can also check where players are in real time!

Update: Woah! Looks like this little game got far more attention than anyone thought possible! Their statistics service even went down for several hours from so many simultaneous visitors!

First we have XKCD comic creator Randall Munroe commenting about the game:

“I *love* Press and Move. I don’t know anything about animation or about game interfaces, but it’s exactly how I would’ve set it up if I’d been designing a more game-like version. I spent quite a while exploring, which until this I’d done surprisingly little of.”;

And then we have Kotaku, who along with other online gaming websites have praised the game.

Once again, congratulations to Tim Garbos, K. Shonibare-Lewis, Martin Fasterholdt and Kasper Videbæk for a nice job!