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Now pitching at ITU – Mr. Optimistic!


Meet Mr. Optimistic!

He’s a happy cheery guy with a lot of confidence, and so he walks and walks with a happy smile on his face, because he knows he is never going to fall into a pit or bump into anything harmful.

And that is because YOU control his FATE by interacting with the environment, like piling boxes to cover a hole or throwing a bone to a dog about to bite Mr. Optimistic.

The game challenges the player’s logical skills and reaction time. And thanks to its short levels and easy user interface the game is very casual. The game will run on both PCs and mobile phones with a touch-screen.

As Mr. Optimistic himself would say, “this game will be awesome!”

What you just read is the pitch I had to do for our Game Design class at the IT University of Copenhagen. And it’s not just the pitch we’re doing, we already have an initial prototype of the game running! Keep checking here for future updates on our first group game project: Mr. Optimistic!