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Next up from Google… world domination?


Ok, so I’m really happy for the way Google is advancing modern technology in so many ways. Not admitting that Google has created a huge online revolution would be stupid.

But I cannot watch Google’s latest I/O Android keynote and turn a blind eye on them.

Their latest proposal: have Android everywhere. Not just your phone. Not just your computer. Not just your tablet. But literally everywhere.

Forget the privacy issues. This is all about Google trying to have control over every single device we own. Remember Terminator’s Skynet? Well, we’re getting there.

Of course I’m just over-reacting here. First of all I don’t expect Google to suddenly take over the entire market with Android products. And I definitely don’t expect the apocalypse to come from this. But I do think that it is not right for a company as big as Google to be omnipresent in our lives. It just gives them too much power.

Having a system in which all the devices at home and at work can talk to each other would be ideal. But it should not happen this way.