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From concept art to in-game graphics – Ghost Train

For a final look of the project, watch the video at the bottom of this post

This here is just a minor update, but I wanted to let you in and provide feedback on one of my projects this semester at the IT University of Copenhagen.

In this case it belongs to the course “From Concept Art to In-Game Graphics”.

The idea behind this course is that students should be able to come up with an artistic vision of a fictitious game and work on it from its early stages until a final, working version of a scene inside a game engine.

In my case the look is trying to go for an abandoned place but without resorting to the realistic graphics that we have become used to from games like Gears of War or the Call of Duty series.

As such I took a more cartoonish approach, but evading a completely cel-shaded look as well.

The abandoned train you see in both the picture and the video came as an inspiration from the long-abandoned Canfranc train station in Aragón, Spain.

Here are some of the pictures that inspired me for the look, most of them taken by Ismael González Piracés in January 2nd 2011 and slightly edited by me to achieve the look I was aiming for:

imageCanfranc2Canfranc1Canfranc6Train Interior

Here is then the final video produced for the course. Please mind that it was only meant to be one static picture, but I decided to record a short looped video in order to showcase better the depth of the scene. The entire scene has been built using the Unity Game Engine 3.0.