ITU Copenhagen UX & Prototyping

Designing a game for Ms. Stine


As part of the course User Experience & Prototyping at the IT University of Copenhagen, we have been required to create the prototype of a game. But not just any game. We have to make a game for a specific person.

Many game developers, more in fact than it should be, don’t really think about the end user when creating a videogame. That is exactly one of the things that we are trying to fix by taking this course.

Here’s the deal: by the end of the semester each of us in our class should have a working prototype of a game that is targeted for a specific person who is either +/- 15 years of difference with us or the opposite gender.

In my case I chose someone who, in order to protect her privacy, I will call simply Ms. Stine or Stine.

We were asked to maintain a blog where we post our comments, points of view and ideas on the topic, and in my case it seemed pointless to start another blog so I will just publish those here (separated under the category UX & Prototyping).

So there’s the main idea: during this semester I will be observing and learning about Stine in order to create a game idea that will work optimally for her. I already have my own previous ideas about her so that is one good starting point, but at the same time I’ve already learned a few things that will make me give some thoughts to some game concepts here and there in order to make those work best.

Again, I will keep on posting here about these investigations. Looking forward to this!