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Oh look! It’s Bender… in 3D!!

I’m taking the 3D Game Art course at the IT University of Copenhagen this year… though I’m not really registered for the course (I can still attend the classes). And we were asked to build a robot in 3D by using ONLY primitives. No modifiers, no textures. Just plain colors and basic shapes.

So I decided to make Bender from popular TV show Futurama.

I know it’s not perfect… but it’s as far as I could get by using the restrictions imposed and my still limited 3D modelling skills 😛

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Watch out Apple! Tablet makers are onto you! (TV ads)


It looks like Apple has got on the wrong side of many technology companies!

With the huge success of Apple’s iPad it’s no surprise that others would follow in their footsteps and release tablets of their own. But it hasn’t been until Google’s announcement of Android 3.0 Honeycomb, Google’s foray into tablet-specific OSs, that hardware makers see a strong chance to get a slice of Apple’s juicy cake it had taken for itself.

Mind you people, tablets are great devices, although they are usually not absolutely necessary to anyone yet. But hardware makers do not care about that and will still continue to flood us with tablets of all kinds (do I already fear a market saturation?).

In any case at least two companies have seen very fitting to tackle the Mac people by directly stabbing their backs.

Don’t believe me? Watch the following commercial for LG’s Optimus Pad!

“The war is not over”? “Optimus will destroy evil!” pronounced right as the “good” robot smashes the brushed aluminium one into a building with a red apple painted on it? The “good” robot crushing an apple in his hand? Talk about being subtle… This is an Apple criticism all the way down!

You have to give it to the LG people though. The commercial is hilarious, with lots of references to the Transformers movies (DreamWords LG, Padmount, directed by Michael Boy and Steven Spillback as executive producer, among others).

But that video is not all there is out there. Motorola also showed a commercial for their upcoming Motorola Xoom tablet during the Super Bowl. It’s premise? To make fun of all the Apple fanboys who all look the same. Watch below!

This video doesn’t lack any Apple references either. Everything from the 1984 book the man is reading to the white iPod-like earphones everyone else is holding to with their hands. The irony here is that while Apple begun their first commercial by criticizing how everyone was using the same computer and they needed to be different and break free, Motorola now brings up the fact that it is now Apple who has assumed the monopoly spot.

Watch out Apple! You are no longer the only worthy competitor in the tablet space, and your new opponents are looking forward to hit you hard with revenge!

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Pokémon Apokélypse, the live-action movie!


“Prepare for trouble”

“Make it double!”

“Meowth! That’s right!”

If you didn’t recognize those sentences then you’re probably not the target audience for this awesome movie that is being produced by Ki-Voltage Productions.

Or at least its trailer.

Sure, the plot of this fan-made trailer is campy at its best, but you’ve gotta give credit to producers Dylan Innes and Lee Majdoub for creating the most amazing insight on how Pokémon would look in full-blown movie (which, for the sake of our world, I hope never comes true).

They have definitely thought of everything: from Ash to Misty and Brock, including Doctor Oak, and Team Rocket members Jessie and James.

Given the impressive level of detail in the art department I’ve taken some still shots of the best moments of this action-packed trailer, plus the trailer itself. Enjoy! (Don’t forget you can zoom in the pictures by clicking on them!).

Bulbasaur and Pikachu start a Pokémon battle

An incredibly detailed Pikachu chained

Ash Ketchum capturing a Snorlax

Professor Oak in his lab

James from the Team Rocket

Gyarados strikes the city of Celadon

Quite an impressive and original portrayal of Team Rocket’s Jessie and James

Misty, the water Pokémon trainer and her Psyduck

One of the Super Nerd trainers attacking Brock with a Magnemite

A quite shocking (but funny) scene with Jessie, James and Meowth shooting

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El efecto “Lost” en la web


“Anchel, Anchel, ¿te has visto ya el último episodio de Lost?”, me pregunta la gente.

No, no lo he visto. No he visto todavía la sexta temporada. De hecho no me he visto entera ni la primera (y eso que lo intenté). Tampoco es que no me guste la serie.

Simplemente no tuve tiempo para verme la serie entera y tuve que dejarla en el episodio 10 de la primera temporada. Desde entonces me ha dado mucha pereza volverla a empezar.

Pero lo que sí sé es que el impacto que ha tenido la serie ha sido alucinante. Y con ese motivo he escrito un nuevo artículo en Tecnomanía para la Voz de América titulado “El efecto Lost en la web”.

Estoy seguro de que algún Lostie protestará sobre algún detalle que le parezca incorrecto, pero he intentado informarme todo lo posible. ¿Qué os parece este artículo a vosotros?

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Medley de canciones de series de TV

¿Qué pasaría si un dúo se dedicara a interpretar las canciones de algunas de las series de televisión más populares en una mezcla divertida y muy lograda?

¿Y si encima de todo el dúo fuera la misma persona grabada por separado y mezclado después?

Un impresionante video que merece MUCHO la pena.

Gracias a Adela Ruiz por dar a conocer el video.

Un pequeño detalle – si lo veis desde la página de Youtube podréis ver la letra de las canciones subtituladas.