ITU Copenhagen R.E.D.

R.E.D. Launch Trailer!


So some people had told me they wanted to see some actual gameplay from R.E.D. so here is the closest thing: the launch trailer!

R.E.D. is launching tomorrow (at least for handing in the project to our teachers – we might still make some extra changes)!

ITU Copenhagen R.E.D.

R.E.D. – From concept art… to final game!

Level design 2nd versionColor Base RED

With less than 48 hours before we finally present our videogame R.E.D. I just wanted to get a small update of our project. I simply wanted to show how far we’ve gone from the initial concept art (the two images on the top, drawn on the second week of conceptualization of our game) to our current look of the build (the four pictures on the bottom, each one corresponding to a different level of the game).

Expect to see a gameplay trailer of R.E.D. here very, very soon! Winking smile


ITU Copenhagen R.E.D.

Almost ready for prime time…

RED Title Screen

R.E.D. is a game developed by…

That Cylinder Game Company

ITU Copenhagen R.E.D.

R.E.D. – Rolling Explosive Device – Explosion

R.E.D. test logoimage

You’ve seen videos of a videogame we are developing in my group at the IT University before. This game was tentatively named Cylindream.

But projects move on, things change, and as the final deadline for our game gets closer (May the 18th) the game is finally taking shape under the new name of R.E.D., which stands for Rolling Explosive Device.

While I won’t get into the specifics of the game here just yet, I did want to share the awesome work Giacomo has done with the explosion effect.

As a brief explanation, just note that when the time is up the R.E.D. which you control in the game explodes.

And now, here is the first video of the cylinder exploding (mind that the glass ground we’re using for this test is not final, and was only chosen to showcase the explosion better):

Now though, the explosion effect would look much cooler if that expansive wave actually had some force to it, wouldn’t it?

Well, here is the same test, but this time with a lot of added cubes!

Again, these are still prototypes and do not reflect the current state of the game. Stay tuned for more!

ITU Copenhagen R.E.D.

Cylindream – Very early prototype version

Blue Boxes 5

I just realized that in all the time I have been working in my Game Development project I still haven’t posted more than one single entry in the blog!

Well, to make up for that, I’m going to post some info about our game, tentatively called Cylindream.

The game is still very early in its prototype stage, but already some people have been able to test it out in order to help us refine the controls.

You should note that the areas shown here are not actual levels, but simply playtesting grounds to try out the control schemes and basic features.

Also of importance is the fact that the player controls each wheel of the cylinder separately with an Xbox 360 controller, adding to the challenge.

Graphics are, of course, absolutely non-final, and just mere placeholders for the moment.

In any case, here is a video of the prototype in action!