Can you guess which game these planets come from?

Many of you have probably seen before how deep into our culture some video game characters have become. Cultural icons like Super Mario or Sonic are recognizable by just looking at their colors, Portal’s Companion Cube is just a cube… yet gamers will instantly recognize it, and even the most blocky video game characters have been brought to life through cosplay at conventions all around the world.

But the point of the following video is not to show how easily recognizable game characters are, but instead it wants to showcase how deeply integrated into our culture some of the game worlds have become.

By just showing some extremely simplified environments in a globe, this animation will surely remind you of a few places you’ve visited in games.

The question is: can you recognize them all?

Leave your comment down below if you managed to do so!

As a note, you can check the video on Youtube, where the author has listed all the games these worlds come from.