ITU Copenhagen Videogames

Brainstorming in search of a fun videogame idea

The results of the initial brainstorming: a whiteboard full of completely unrelated ideas with other connected concepts in the post-its.

How do you come up with a videogame idea? Sure, you might have in mind something like “I want to make a videogame like GTA IV but adding this and that!” or “my perfect game would be like Final Fantasy but with this story”.

But how about getting an entirely original idea?

That, folks, is what we have set out to do for our new project for the Game Development course at the IT University of Copenhagen.

With our new magnificent, marvelous Italian slave-driver (he made me do some errands, and he’ll pay for that!) Valerio di Donato in the lead as project manager, we started today with our brainstorming session in an attempt to think of something cool, fun and engaging.

Valerio holding the remains of today’s meal – Not even during lunch did we take a break!

While we still don’t have a definitive idea we sure came up with a lot of fun stuff. We will of course keep thinking about them and soon we will have a pitch to post around Smile.

Wish us good luck!

Later on… our group presentation and more pics!