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Handling PR for Nordic Game Jam 2014


Once again I’m part of the group organizing the Nordic Game Jam, the world’s biggest game jam and one of Denmark’s biggest game development events.

Last year I was already part of the PR team alongside Julie Heyde, but this year, even though I still get help from Julie and other members of the organizing team such as Guo Yu Pan, I’ll be taking charge of all the PR. Quite a hefty task!

During the last few months I’ve been silently making changes to the Nordic Game Jam website, cleaning it up a bit, giving it a wider theme to allow more content and bigger pictures and writing new text. Also the occasional blog post with things related to NGJ and to start hyping the event.

But now, with the ticket sales open for #NGJ14, I’m ready to reveal two videos I have been working on to kick off the promotion of the event:

First of all is a social media take on promotion. I asked a few people to send me very short video clips with their webcam where they explain why they think Nordic Game Jam rocks. After putting it all together in a nice, quick video, I ask viewers to send their own and share it on Facebook and Twitter using the #NGJRocks tag. Later on I plan on creating a mash-up of the best videos that will be shown during the event. It’s a great way to have the participants themselves get others excited about the game jam!

This is the video:

The second one was a bit more tricky. I collected a lot of feedback from students and people who are trying to get into the games industry who do not attend game jams because they think they are not ready for it.

That is one big problem, really. Game jams are actually a great environment to improve your skills and network with other people in the games industry. But you don’t really need to be an expert to attend one! Many people have their minds set thinking that a game jam is a contest: you go there to make the best game and win the competition. But the truth is that a game jam is far more than just a competition. You can take it as such, but you can also just attend because you want to make a team with people you’ve never worked together with before, learn some new ways of doing graphics, programming, you name it!

So to address that, I made a video explaining what exactly is Nordic Game Jam, combining footage from the previous year’s event and a simple flash animation. The tone is very friendly and casual to ensure that everyone wants to give it a try. Don’t have the necessary skills? Don’t worry! You can still try, or if you prefer, be part of the board games category.

This was the final result:

Of course there’s a lot more coming. Nordic Game Jam is still a few months away and we need to keep the momentum going from now on all the way until February 14th when the event starts. I have so many things to announce and hype from talks, workshops, keynote speaker…

It’s going to be a wild ride, but if it’s anything like last year, I’m all up for it!

NGJ14, here I come!

Nordic Game Jam

Organizing and videoblogging at Nordic Game Jam

It’s Nordic Game Jam time again!

The fun and chaotic weekend contest that takes place every year in Copenhagen is back. I’ve been participating in it for two years now, but this time I’m in as an organizer!

Not just that, I’m also videoblogging from the event every once in a while. So you might want to check out what’s cooking over here at our new venue at Aalborg University Copenhagen. I would love to post a few more things here but with all the stuff going on around the game jam I’ll have to stick with this short post (and more updates coming next week!)

Check out one of the early videos from yesterday!

ITU Copenhagen Nordic Game Jam Videogames

BLANK – Our Nordic Game Jam 2012 game in progress


I’m not going to explain a lot in this post because right now we’re quite short on time, but I just wanted to update my blog by letting you all know a little bit about the game we are working.

As I’ve already written in the Global Game Jam website, [BLANK] is a videogame about uncertainty. You wake up in a strange environment, unable to see properly and with no recollection of how you got there. Players will have to explore this environment to slowly recollect the memories of the events that took him there in the first place.

But how does one explore things when he cannot see?

The game is (still!) being made by Team Flying Noses (a pun on the early beginnings of our group), which is formed by Daryl Hornsby (UK), Kayode Shonibare-Lewis (UK), Micael Svensson (Sweden), Nicolai Brobak (Denmark), Patrick Dekhla (Sweden) and me, Anchel Labena.


From left to right: Patrick, Micael, Daryl, Anchel, Nicolai and Kayode

And finally, a teaser picture of our game!


Again, don’t forget to follow the awesome #NGJ12 Twitter Team for live updates of everything going on. I assume that the Twitter stream will probably spring back to fast action as soon as the game presentations begin Winking smile.

ITU Copenhagen Nordic Game Jam Videogames

Are you following us for #NGJ12 yet?

Alright people! The real deal is starting now! Main keynote of the #NGJ12 starts now!

In case you hadn’t noticed yet, the Nordic Game Jam 2012 has just started!

Among a small group of people we’re tweeting about every single thing that is going on over here at the IT University of Copenhagen, like the awesome indie games being showcased by some big indie names and Manveer Heir, Senior Designer of Mass Effect 3, giving the intro keynote for the game jam, which is part of the international Global Game Jam 2012.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow everything that is going on here by searching for the Twitter hashtag #NGJ12 and listen to everything the following people are saying:

And, of course, me, Anchel Labena (@Anchelspain)

ITU Copenhagen Nordic Game Jam Videogames

Nordic Game Jam 2012 is coming…

Nordic Game Jam 2012 poster

Not much else to say except that I’m already all pumped up for this event! Also I will be hosting a few friends from previous game jams at my place during both the Nordic Game Jam and the Spilbar event taking place one day before.

Oh, and did I mention that Manveer Heir, senior designer at Bioware (and currently working on Mass Effect 3) will be the guest keynote speaker for this year’s Nordic Game Jam?

Expect me to be tweeting (as much as possible given the big time constraints I will have that weekend) everything going on during those exciting days!

ITU Copenhagen Nordic Game Jam Videogames

Global Game Jam 2012 – The fun begins soon!


Ladies and gentlemen: it’s ON!

From January 27th and until the 29th game designers, programmers, artists and much more everywhere around the world will participate in the Global Game Jam 2012, a fun, worldwide event in which the objective is to create videogames in just 48 hours. There’s also a non-digital games track available for those who prefer to stay away from computers.

Like last year I will be taking part of the Nordic Game Jam, which is the local event taking place at the IT University of Copenhagen at the same time as all the other participating game jam sites. That doesn’t mean in any way that only people from Denmark will be around: as a matter of fact I’m already meeting a friend from last year, Olli Harjola from Finland one day before the game jam starts.

Again I will try to post here and tweet through my @anchelspain account everything that is going on at the Nordic Game Jam (or at least as much as it’s possible with all the craziness that will be going on during that 48 hour period).

Meanwhile I’ll leave you with this really cool video showing what the Global Game Jam is about!