Bacon Acorn

Bacon Acorn is a small, one-level game made during the Exile Game Jam May 2012. It was done in an incredibly short amount of time (less than 12 hours!) and with a very specific constraint: we had to make a game with absolutely no use of buttons.

As such we quickly assembled the Team Thunderdrig (Tobias Kärrman, Michael Skjaldgaard, Karin Bruér, Fredrik Häthén, Sigurd Paaske and Anchel Labena) and started coming up with quick ideas for a prototype.

As such Bacon Acorn is a sidescrolling mouse scroller platformer game in which you play as the Thunderdrig, a strange hybrid between a pig and a dragon.

The Thunderdrig will have to reach the castle and make it explode simply because our artist Karin wanted to see a castle exploding, but on the way he will have to collect his oh-so-tasty acorns that increase the high-score.

But there’s a catch! Since this is a no-buttons game your only means to control the Thunderdrig is by mouse gestures.

Move the mouse up to jump, down to roll and just keep doing an up-down motion repeatedly to make him fly.

You can play a web build of the game with a very short level here!