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Spilbar 14 on video

Spilbar 14

Last week Spilbar 14 took place at AFUK (Akademiet for Utæmmet Kreativitet) in Copenhagen.

SpilBar is a bimonthly event where people from the games industry gather to attend interesting talks, mingle, try out new games and have a few drinks in a cozy environment. It’s organized by Kristine Ploug from DADIU and Thomas Vigild from the Danish Game Council (Dansk Spilråd).

With the latest edition of the event that took place on April 18th, subtitled “Surprise!”, there were several cool things happening (Danish Spilprisen awards, incredible acrobatic performances…) that were worth recording on video. Which is why I was asked to take my trusty camera with me to the event and record everything I could.

The result? A pretty nice video I’m really proud of that tries to capture the ambient of Spilbar. You can watch it below. I seriously recommend watching it fullscreen =) Thanks to Kristian Rømer for the original song!