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Videogame Character’s New Years Resolutions

Straight from webcomic website Brawl in the Family here’s Matthew Taranto’s latest take on the videogame world (or at least Super Smash Bros. world).

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What does your avatar picture tell of you?

As someone who loves social networks, I also love all the jokes and comic strips that appear around every now and then. And this one in particular from The Joy of Tech hits the spot. It touches on the most common profile pictures on Facebook and Twitter, while poking fun at MySpace.


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People keep asking why Windows is slow – Here’s why!

Formatted PC

I saw this comic strip in Spanish and I couldn’t avoid translating it into English. It’s the ultimate truth!

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Summer camp pranks

Pranks at Summer camps is something that always happens…

As some of you know, I’m currently working in a Summer camp in the US (Frost Valley, in New York). It’s being loads of fun, and all the campers as well as the rest of the counselors are amazing.

And sometimes things like the one in the picture above happen.

What you are seeing there is the main room of Quirk Lodge, the place where I currently live in with other 32 campers and 7 other counselors of what is called Lenape Village. But the girls of Tacoma Village, our sister village, have pranked us. Last evening we came into our cabins just to find an improvised fireplace in the middle of the room, as well as a table and benches from the exterior. All signed with love from them.

But Lenape being Lenape, we couldn’t simply let that happen and be done with it. So we also came by the Tacoma village lodges.

All is fair in love and war, right? Mind you though, this won’t be the last they see from us 😉